This luxury Lavender Gift box is the perfect gift for a special friend or loved one. Lavender Essential oil is known for its ability to soothe and calm the emotions.


Each product has been designed, handcrafted, stamped and produced with love and care, imbued with the true creative soul which is Wyld Rose Holistic's.


Each Luxury Rustic Country Giftbox contains:


  • 1x 100g Lavender Bud Artisan Soap

What's in it? Saponified Coconut (sodium cocoate) Olive Oil (sodium olivate) African Shea Butter ❤ (Butryrospernum parkii). Lavender Essential Oil ( Lavender Augustifolia). Lavender infused water, ❤ Locally grown Lavender buds.


❤=Organic Ingredients, Fairtrade and Ethically sourced.


  • 1x 90g Lavender, Honey and Oat Oval Artisan Soap

What's in it? Saponified Coconut (sodium cocoate) Olive Oil (sodium olivate) African Shea Butter ❤ (Butryrospernum parkii). Lavender Essential Oil ( Lavender Augustifolia. ❤ Honey ❤Oats (Avena Sativa.


  • 1x 100ml Lavender Natural Essential oil Plant Diffuser

This beautifully fresh Lavender Essential oil Diffuser comes in a trendy, square and recyclable, reusable glass bottle, packaged in a beautifully designed Wyld Rose Holistic's recycled box, alongside 8 Natural Rattan Reeds.


Alcohol free

VOC free

Non Flammable,

Plastic Free

Long lasting 6 months



Fact: Instead of alcohol based diffusers that evaporate at the first sign of sun, these diffusers are extremely long lasting due to there unique natural blended vegetable and plant base formula.


  • 1x 5g Complementary Artisan Soap.
  • 1x 50g Botanical Bath Soak Organic Local Lavender, Mixed Botanicals, Cornflower, Calendula and Rose petals.
  • Gift Box Weight: 550g
  • Gift Box Size = 125 x 125 x 75 mm


All our Artisan Soaps are made using High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Creamy Butters, Natural Clay's and Botanicals.


They are vegan friendly, Palm oil free and not Tested on Animals.


To get the very best from your handmade soap, please allow it to dry out thoroughly between uses and do not allow it to stand in water.


All our Wyld Rose products are tested to correct Industry standards so each bar will have a full ingredients listing, batch number and date it was made.


Consult your GP before using essential oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Luxury Bespoke Aromatherapy Gift Box- Lavender


      Our Story

      Wyld Rose Holistics emerged out of our passion for natural essential oils, natural creamy butters and botanical's and the health and well being properties they provide us.

      From making our products in our workshop to the manufacturers we choose we continue to inspire change when creating beautiful products for our customers. Sustainably for the health of everyone and the planet is very important to us.


      This combined with a fascination for Traditional Cold-process soap making techniques, our love of Eastern travel, colour, casting, shape, pattern and print our business [..]

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